TritonTech: NeuraLace Medical

Meet Shiv Shukla, a UC San Diego clinical researcher-turned-entrepreneur who aims to disrupt the chronic pain epidemic through his MedTech startup. The start of his journey began at the grassroots level, working as a clinical researcher at the VA San Diego Healthcare System, UC San Diego. Shukla and his colleagues discovered a new treatment for chronic nerve pain, a major breakthrough in the challenging neurotic pain field. Together, the team obtained a patent with the University’s help and lau

TritonTech: Additive Rocket Corporation

Meet Andy Kieatiwong, UC San Diego alumni and CEO of Additive Rocket Corporation (ARC), which plans to reinvent the modern-day rocket engine utilizing 3D metal printing. ARC aims to produce low-cost rocket engines, creating more accessible space exploration for both the public and industries. Kieatiwong, an aerospace engineering graduate, co-founded ARC with Kyle Adriany after spotting a gap in the space and defense industry, specifically in rocket design optimization. ARC’s mission is to lever

TritonTech: Nanome

Imagine a virtual world where users can experiment, design, collaborate, and learn at the nanoscale. This virtual open access to science and technology would accelerate the scientific breakthroughs of the future. Meet Steven McCloskey, a University of California San Diego alumni from the world’s first Department of Nanoengineering’s inaugural class, who, along with his team, is building just that. Throughout McCloskey’s undergraduate years, he conducted material science research alongside Ken V

TritonTech: Aira

A little over four years ago, Suman Kanuganti and Amy Bernal were finishing up their MBA program at the University of California San Diego, Rady School of Management. Needing a few more units towards earning his degree, Kanuganti participated in the Rady StartR program, a nonprofit accelerator, with the focus on building a product. Leveraging his strengths as a technologist and innovator, Kanuganti seized the unique opportunity to help his friend, Matt Brock, a blind communications professional

TritonTech: Mi Mate

Meet Edward Muallem and Yaniv Shemesh, two UC San Diego juniors who have launched a beverage company to create a premium healthy energy drink. Muallem, a biology major, joined forces with Shemesh, an economics student, to launch Mi Mate, an authentic organic yerba mate. Their mission is to fuel teams in the startup ecosystem with natural energy as an alternative to traditional caffeine. We chatted with Muallem and Shemesh about their entrepreneurial journey and the foundation they are building

TritonTech: Educational Vision Technologies

Meet Monal Parmar, a 25-year-old first generation UC San Diego Triton and co-founder and CEO of Educational Vision Technologies (EVT), an Edtech startup that uses artificial intelligence to digitize physical classes into a web platform which enables students to excel academically and saves universities money for the creation of online courses. Parmar, a machine learning graduate student, founded EVT in May 2017 along with co-founder Jason Bunk. Read more below on how Parmar and his team are str